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unmanned aerial vehicles agriculture

Do you know unmanned aerial vehicles agriculture?Hebei Zingto Avigation Technology Co.,Ltd. is one of the professional agriculture uav manufacturers in China.We can do some brief introduction for you.

Mentioning the use of UAVs in agriculture, we first thought of spraying pesticides. Pesticide spraying is the most common application of plant protection UAV, because of its efficient and safe, cost-saving, easy to operate and other advantages have been affirmed. However, the UAV application in agriculture is not limited to this. This article for everyone to interpret the UAV in agriculture in all kinds of applications.

unmanned aerial vehicles agriculture

First, farmland drug spraying
Drug spraying is the most widely used agricultural drone applications. Compared with the traditional plant protection operation, the plant protection UAV has the features of precise operation, high efficiency, environmental protection, intelligence, simple operation and the like, and saves large-scale machinery and large manpower costs for farmers. Many areas throughout the country have used plant protection UAV for drug operations, has been affirmed. According to relevant sources, according to the red line of the country's 1.8 billion mu of arable land, there will be a market of hundreds of billions of yuan in the agricultural protection field in the future.

Second, farmland information monitoring
UAV farmland information monitoring includes pest monitoring, irrigation monitoring and crop growth monitoring. Is the use of remote sensing technology-based spatial information technology aerial photography of large areas of farmland, land, aerial photographs, video data to fully and fully understand the crop growth environment, cycle and other indicators. From irrigation to soil variation to pests and diseases that can not be detected with the naked eye, the bacteria invade and indicate the areas where problems occur so that farmers can better in agriculture plant protection. UAV farmland information monitoring has the advantages of large scope, strong aging and objective and accurate, which is unattainable by conventional monitoring methods.

Third, agricultural insurance survey
In the process of growing crops inevitably suffered from natural disasters, making farmers suffer. Survey of affected areas is not difficult for farmers with small-area crops. However, when large areas of crops are naturally infringed, there is a great workload of investigation and delineation of crops. The most difficult one to accurately define is the area of loss.
Agricultural insurance companies in order to more effectively measure the actual affected area, agricultural insurance disaster losses survey, the UAV applied to the agricultural insurance claims. UAVs have the features of rapid response maneuver, high-resolution image and high-precision positioning data acquisition capabilities, application development capabilities of a variety of tasks and equipment, and convenient system maintenance and other technical features, which can efficiently carry out disaster recovery tasks. Data obtained through aerial survey, post-processing aerial photographs and technical analysis, and field measurements to compare and verify, the insurance company can more accurately determine the actual affected area. UAV damage set to solve the survey of agricultural insurance set damage damage, the lack of timeliness and other issues, greatly improving the speed of exploration work, saving a lot of manpower and resources, while improving efficiency while ensuring the compensation for the investigation of farmland accuracy.

unmanned aerial vehicles agriculture

UAV applications in agriculture In addition to the above three purposes, but also for sowing, pollination, fertilization. In recent years, agricultural drone operation gradually started to fully show its advantages in chemical fertilizer application, crop pollination and sowing. Compared with traditional agricultural machinery, first of all, drone sowing and fertilization have the characteristics of high precision and high efficiency. The peasants will be freed from heavy plant protection operations, which will benefit large-scale production. Second UAV compact, easy transfer and transport. Again not subject to topographical conditions, good applicability. Finally, the UAV control by ground control and GPS positioning of its implementation of the control, do not directly operate the machine, effectively avoiding casualties, high safety. All of these make agricultural UAVs become popular models for agricultural plant protection research and application, which are welcomed by farmers.

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