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unmanned aerial vehicles China

Mentioning the use of unmanned aerial vehicles China in agriculture, we first thought of agriculture plant protection. Pesticide spraying is the most common application of plant protection UAVs. Because of its efficient and safe, cost-saving, easy to operate and other advantages have been affirmed. However, the UAV application in agriculture is not limited to this.

unmanned aerial vehicles China

UAV farmland information monitoring includes pest monitoring, irrigation monitoring and crop growth monitoring. It uses the remote sensing technology-based spatial information technology to conduct aerial photography of a large area of farmland and land and analyze the aerial photographs and video data to fully and comprehensively understand the growth environment and period of crops. From irrigation to soil variation to pests and diseases that can not be detected with the naked eye, the bacteria invade and indicate the areas where problems occur, thus making it easier for farmers to conduct better field management.

In the process of growing crops inevitably suffered from natural disasters, making farmers suffer. For farmers with small-area crops, the survey of affected areas is not difficult. However, when large areas of crops are naturally infringed, there is a great workload of investigation and demarcation of crops. The most difficult one to accurately define is the area of loss.

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