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UAV power line inspection Program

UAV power line inspection Program

UAV power line inspection is an important means to ensure the safe operation of the power grid. Using UAV technology combined with photogrammetry technology can provide an efficient inspection operation mode. Based on powerful drone hardware and professional photogrammetric software capabilities, Xiangtuo has launched a more efficient, high-precision, safe and reliable drone integration inspection program.

Rotor Drone

The UAV power line inspection solution of Cheuktop UAV is based on Cheungto's mature Fixed Wing uva and Rotor Drone platform. In terms of route design, it provides the most efficient automatic strip route and adapts to the mountainous terrain for power stripe flight requirements.

Fixed wing uav

Higher-speed routes; in terms of data processing, the advantages of algorithmic three-band empty space and densely-vegetated areas, image-free integration of software and hardware, dense matching based on images, and efficient semi-automatic wire fitting based on airspace Methods, etc., can digitally reconstruct three-dimensionally reconstructed surface lines and conductors of power lines to achieve quantitative channel obstacle detection, and finally form a set of integrated solutions for data collection, processing, analysis, and output reporting. This solution also has high efficiency and high accuracy. Safe and reliable three major advantages.

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