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three advantages of UAV environment monitor

UAV environmental monitor is the use of radio remote control equipment and its own program-controlled non-manned aircraft for environmental emergency monitoring. Its timeliness, mobility, and a wide range of inspections, a wide range of applications, in the field of environmental protection, mainly for environmental monitoring. Traditional environmental monitoring usually adopts the method of point monitoring to estimate the environmental quality in the whole area, which has some limitations and one-sidedness. UAV remote sensing system with wide-field of vision, timely and continuous features, can quickly identify the status of the environment.

UAV environment monitor

UAV and man-machine compared to UAV has three prominent advantages:
First, to reduce casualties: pilots away from danger, even if the plane crashes will not bring casualties, and those who have mastered the ability to use high-tech equipment is the most valuable resource.
Second, reduce costs: Because drones do not have a cockpit, the general body can reduce the body more than 40%, the machine also only needs human-computer interaction device, to build a smaller cost. At the same time, fewer casualties can also save unnecessary pilot training costs.
Third, flexible: UAV take-off and landing of their relatively low environmental requirements in the harsh environment of the war or ships can take off and land, generally do not need the airport runway, compared with man-machine more mobility.

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