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Xiong 'an new district USES drones for forest fire prevention.

the square of area 1, area 1, area 1, site of afforestation project of hebei xiong 'an new area, the staff is applying the uav protection fire demonstration.Along with them came two special partners -- a large composite wing drone and a small drone.

The demonstration's large composite wing uav is mainly responsible for fire patrol, forest monitoring and abnormal situation tracking, which can reach speeds of 70km/h and a 30-fold optical zoom camera.

How to convert the uav's "photoelectric pod" into a human perspective?After the camera of a large uav takes pictures, the wireless transmission system of the fuselage will transmit the patrol image and location data in real time, and the ground control system will immediately see whether there is any fire or abnormal situation.

photovoltaic pod

When a large drone completes its inspection, it's time to look at small drones.This demonstration of small unmanned aerial vehicles can reach speeds of 43.2 kilometers per hour, and it can be found that after the fire, the ultra-fine dry powder is dropped, and the control area of a single fire extinguisher is about 10 square meters.

Xiong 'an new district is committed to the construction of green smart new city, and built a world-class, green, modern and smart city.In addition to the "millennium forest" fire protection, uav's inspection, monitoring and tracking functions can also be used for urban management and emergency assistance in smart cities in the future.

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