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drone monitor system

Drone monitor system is based on airborne remote sensing equipment, such as high-resolution CCD digital camera, light optical camera, infrared scanner, laser scanner, magnetic measuring instrument and other information, with the computer image information processing,and in accordance with a certain precision requirements made into an image.

drone monitor system

The whole system has the outstanding characteristic in the design and the optimized combination, and is the new application technology which integrates the high-altitude shooting, the remote control, the telemetry technology, the video transmission and the computer image information processing. Its stability is mainly reflected in the quality of UAV itself, as well as the terrain, wind speed and wind direction and other aspects of mastery skills, as well as the level of the operator and other factors. Such as high stability, long flight, long voyage, high wind resistance, strong site adaptability, after the plateau mountain high altitude limit, bad landing conditions, complex airflow environment, plain large area operations, Africa extremely high temperature environment, which is very stable and mature aerial aerial photography unmanned aerial vehicles.

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