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drone investigation

Are you interested in drone investigation?Hebei Zingto Avigation Technology Co.,Ltd. is a professionalmanufacturer of UAV.Our company has many years of production experience, our product quality requirements are very strict. If you want to know more about product knowledge, please pay close attention to our website.

drone investigation

Our blackbat drone (UAV) carries imported industrial data transmission radio, the ground side is the wireless data transmission “PRAJNA”, it can guarantee an unprecedented super-long communication distance, communication distance can reach 10 km.Blackbat Drone (UAV) carries eight frequency RTK. Airborne-RTK, GPS module automatically boot record raw data, including GPS, GLONSS, BDS eight spectrum of pseudorange and carrier phase observation data, ephemeris data, the atmosphere correction data, etc., combined with the ground RTK and GPS the POS data can reach cm level through dedicated post-processing software.

If you are interested in UAV survey, please contact us. We have been looking forward to working with you!Email:jun@zingto.net

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