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buy unmanned aerial vehicles online

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Now a variety of UAV in the end how to categorize? It is learned that the object of regulation of the comprehensive coverage of all types of UAVs, ranging from 250 grams to 150 kg or more, including civilian, police, military and other different categories. The regulations are clear that remotely piloted and autonomous aircraft are collectively known as UAVs. The model aircraft management rules in the future by the sports department in conjunction with other relevant departments to develop.

buy unmanned aerial vehicles online

Combined with the weight, speed and other factors, the UAV has been divided into micro, light, small, medium, large five categories.

The regulations are clear. Except for the mini UAV, the weight of an empty aircraft does not exceed 4,000 grams, the maximum take-off weight does not exceed 7,000 grams, and the maximum flight speed does not exceed 100 kilometers per hour. All remotely piloted aircraft with airspace capabilities that are amenable to airspace management and reliable surveillance capabilities are light-duty UAVs. At present, about 90% of the products in the UAV market fall into this category.

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