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buy unmanned aerial vehicles

If you want to buy unmanned aerial vehicles,Hebei Zingto Avigation Technology Co.,Ltd. is a good choice.Has passed ISO9001 quality system certification and EU CE certification.

buy unmanned aerial vehicles

Connection note points:
Cables include ESC cables, signal cables, power cables, cables and more. These lines are the cheapest parts of the drone, but related to the fate of the drone, the loosening of a small line may lead to the tragedy of a bombing machine;
1. The welding line must ensure that there is no virtual welding;
2. The signal cable is connected as much as possible coated with silicone rubber to prevent the body vibration in the flight signal line loose.
3. The installation is complete must check the signal line connection is correct, especially the ESC signal line connection errors often cause ground fried machine.

These are important to the drone monitor system!If you are interested in our product,please contact us.We are always looking forward to working with you!

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