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applications of Electro-Optical Pod

Electro-Optical Pod is more and more widely used in UAVs due to the fact that they can accurately detect the object's information by detecting the infrared radiation emitted by the object itself. In addition to the UAV industry, optical pods can also be used in public security surveillance, rescue operations, weather and agriculture.

Electro-Optical Pod

Fire Protection Photovoltaic pods can be used for forest fire prevention, which can be prevented by imaging the temperature distribution of the forest in time to find a place that can easily cause a fire. In agriculture, pods can be used to detect the temperature of crops and to understand their irrigation effects. In the environmental protection industry, optical pods can visually detect sewage and gas emissions. In the field of emergency, the photoelectric pod can clearly obtain the first-hand temperature information of the scene without being influenced by light or smoke.

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