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agriculture uav manufacturers

Hebei Zingto Avigation Technology Co.,Ltd. is one of the professional agriculture uav manufacturers China.We produce a large number of products, we have many years of production experience, our product quality is guaranteed.

agriculture uav manufacturers

Agricultural unmanned helicopter can take off vertically which effectively lowers the operation difficulty and the risks. Flying at low altitude of several meters, the spraying effect can be controlled in the active area. It is suitable for all kinds of complex terrain farmlands and the crops and woods of different heights. The spraying operation skills of agriculture unmanned helicopter can be mastered via simple training.The dosage of pesticide is reduced, so it can minimize the pollution of pesticide to the environment and crops. agriculture uav is not harmful to the operator in the distances when dusting, and the labor intensity is reduced dramatically.Excellent Crop Spraying While agriculture uav utilizes the strong downward rotating airflow to flip and shake the crops when spraying, it comes into being a turbulent area above the crops underneath. The crop spraying is very uniform and partial pesticide is dusted on the back of stem and leaf, the quality of crop spraying of which the manpower and other spraying equipments can not achieve. As the cyclone under the helicopter is concentrated and powerful, it is easier to form a layer of membrane through the fluff surface of the plants to kill the pests uniformly and effectively by utilizing the ultra-fine pulverization dusting.

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