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Will the idea of controlling the drone become reality?

Using mind control object, the class appeared frequently in science fiction super ability is also a childhood dream of many people, but have you thought about this matter can become a reality, the recent global education skills in dubai on the BBS, Emotiv neuroscience company built a EEG brain wave induction helmet, can enjoy it with the help of the helmet by brain waves control of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) flight.

UAV survey

In the system is running, the helmet will coordinate matching frequency and the user's thinking, and then let the user through their brain waves change for control of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), and in addition to these basic action, flying and landing unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) but can also help you to achieve other ideas, such as switch for unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) color, etc.A performer after personally feel that smart helmet, said: "because the original very nervous, although has been in the mind thinking about unmanned aircraft take off, but nothing has happened, then follow the guidance of the r&d staff to relax after a deep breath, then easily with their own ideas for unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) off."But in the present development condition, the user of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) control options are very limited, only a start, take-off and landing, the three options without any direction control function, and if the technology is not skilled, it is easy to cause damage of a hard landing of the unmanned aerial vehicle (uav).

Indeed, now with various intelligent bulbs in household products, smart thermostats, smart TV the emergence of the Internet of things devices, such as the human way of life has been a sea change, if you can with these intelligent machines by using brainwave thought each other, so our life will no doubt bring great convenience;The company will also actively explore the wider use of drones.Make positive contributions to the well-being of mankind.

At present, xiang tuo agricultural uav manufacturer, uav survey, uav monitoring system, uav city planning to make its own plan.

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