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UAV urban planning

In fact, a number of provincial cities and urban planning departments are purchasing UAV urban planning and measurement, and more use of fixed-wing UAV. Due to its fast speed, long flight time and wide coverage, it can effectively meet the standards and requirements of urban planning and measurement operations.

Using all-digital photogrammetric workstation for three-dimensional measurement, the use of three-way introduction of empty three-dimensional digital model. Compared with the direct field measurement, the entire digital mapping process can be shortened by half the time, effectively improving the working efficiency and reducing the operating cost.

City illegal building supervision

The traditional supervision of illegal buildings mainly based on manual monitoring, requiring a lot of human resources and time costs, and efficiency. At the same time, due to the illegal construction of the main building in the top or even the top of the building, relatively hidden, generally difficult to find on the ground. Not only that, sometimes even if the roof of the owners is suspected of illegal construction, the close investigation can not be conducted due to the lack of cooperation between the owners. This has also caused great difficulties in the verification work.

UAV urban planning

The use of drone investigation, you can quickly achieve the desired region of the building observation, timely and efficient, saving a lot of manpower and resources. From the sky effectively capture illegal architectural images, so that illegal structures nowhere to hide. In particular, the multi-rotor UAV can suspend the observation of suspected illegal construction at a distance and realize the shooting and storage of the image material to provide strong protection for subsequent law enforcement. From recent surveys and reports, it is not difficult to find that regulators in Guangzhou, Wuhan, Shenzhen and other cities all started to use unmanned aerial vehicles to supervise illegal structures and achieved remarkable results.

Urban Construction Project Environmental Monitoring

According to the relevant provisions, urban construction projects should adhere to the principle of harmonious development between environmental protection and economic and social development. The relevant engineering construction organization and design must have the content of environmental protection plans and measures. UAVs can be used during the project planning, design and review phase for on-site surveys to fully understand the environment in and around the construction area, including water systems, vegetation and soils. During the construction period, the UAV can conduct prospecting and measurement on the area, earth and rock volume, vegetation coverage and engineering appearance in a targeted manner so as to provide the basis for the environmental protection department to judge the conclusion of environmental assessment and the rationality of environmental protection measures.

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