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UAV survey predicts lava flow

Italian and French scientists have successfully combined UAV survey and three-dimensional information reorganization technology to produce a more detailed and accurate Digital Terrain Model (DTM) to better understand the surface structure of Mount Etna in Italy and to help predict the lava flow path in the future.

UAV survey

Scientists used the Structure From Motion algorithm to reshape the high-resolution topography of the Lava Flow Field between January and February 1974. At the same time, the research team used a drone camera and laser scanning device (LiDAR) to photograph and scan 1.35 kilometers of volcanic topography, and then use these most UAV survey data to draw a 3D map. The researchers successfully reduced the horizontal and vertical error ratio of the model to 1 meter by comparing the lava field with the current geomorphology and structure in 1974 to produce a more detailed and reliable high-definition digital landscape model.
Researcher Alessandro Fornaciai pointed out that when volcanic eruptions occur in the future, scientists can use 3D models to predict the flow path of lava.
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