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UAV survey

Aerial UAV survey detection by commercial drones brings significant advantages to the resource industry, improving safety, saving time, and reducing survey costs. A drone company in China; drones further expanded these advantages by creating computer-generated aerial image models for oil and gas processing facilities, effectively presenting field conditions on the site to the company in the house, enabling more efficient asset management. .
Yun Yao 800 Drone UAV
Yun Yao 800 Drone A multi-rotor drone that can take hundreds of aerial pictures every flight with a preprogrammed flight path. The pictures were collated and spliced together afterwards, and finally they were modeled by photogrammetry. Due to the very precise picture taken by the Schindler UAV, the Yun Yao 800 Drone can integrate laser scan data into photogrammetry to ensure that the model is accurate enough to apply to detailed engineering of large infrastructure projects.
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