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UAV survey

UAV survey function is widely used, especially in agriculture is more and more accepted by everyone.The traditional agricultural survey is based on the survey of the main survey, the survey base with a large number of population flow, land circulation is accelerating, engage in agricultural statistics survey data is increasing The The use of satellite remote sensing, satellite navigation and geographic information technology and other modern spatial information technology can accurately implement the observation and investigation, can be fully covered, multi-time accurate measurement of the main crop of time and space distribution, to identify the status of modern agricultural facilities on the ground, The results more objective, can effectively overcome the routine investigation of a variety of human factors in the interference. The significance of this change is to make the future agricultural survey more objective, accurate, timely and efficient.

UAV survey

UAV wide range of use, low cost, good cost ratio; no casualties risk; survivability, mobility, and easy to use. In the civilian areas: can be used for map mapping, geological survey, disaster monitoring, weather detection, air traffic control, border patrol monitoring, communications relay, pesticide spraying and UAV environment monitor.

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