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UAV power line inspection

If you want to know UAV power line inspection,you can pay more attention toHebei Zingto Avigation Technology Co.,Ltd.Our company has many years of production experience, we are trustworthy.

UAV power line inspection

The advantages are as follows:
1. Inspection of high efficiency, significantly reduce the number of PV power station inspection and inspection time, saving labor costs, with higher economic efficiency;
2. Intelligent UAV mobility is high, it can fly in the air free from obstacles such as ground restrictions. For the photovoltaic power plant is vast, undulating features such as the use of UAV patrol saving time and effort;
3. Automatic flight diagnosis, combined with historical data analysis, can be a comprehensive assessment of photovoltaic power plants, but also the emergence of power plant failure to effectively predict;
4. Raise the inspection frequency of power station, effectively improve the inspection efficiency and accuracy of power station;
5. Solved the problems of different power station construction types, difficult component inspection and personnel safety problems caused by previous manual inspection.

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