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UAV power line inspection

If you want to buy the product which can UAV power line inspection,you can pay more attention toHebei Zingto Avigation Technology Co.,Ltd.Our product has many advantages in this aspect.

UAV patrol line advantage:

The use of unmanned aircraft for transmission line inspection research needs to cross a number of high-tech professional, research depth and level of higher requirements, is a new technology. Compared with the conventional manual inspection method, this technology is more advanced and effective, has become a safe and safe way to ensure the safe operation of the line means. The use of unmanned aircraft patrol line, you can reduce the workers "thousands of miles patrol line" labor intensity, reduce the operation and maintenance costs of high voltage transmission lines.

UAV power line inspection

Unmanned aircraft fuselage lightweight, and loaded with advanced aerial system, and someone aircraft, helicopters, compared with yin, rain, fog and other weather restrictions are much smaller. These superior performance make unmanned aircraft a more efficient tool for transmission lines. Unmanned aircraft patrol line can also improve the quality of inspection operations and scientific management technology, can enhance the comprehensive capacity of power production automation, and create higher economic and social benefits.

With the transmission reliability index requirements are getting higher and higher, as well as unmanned aircraft patrol line of various practical content of the rich, unmanned aircraft patrol line of superiority will become increasingly prominent. Unmanned aircraft patrol line will become a fast, efficient, great development of the road patrol way.

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