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UAV environment monitor advantages

UAV environment monitor advantages
China's application of UAV technology to UAV environment monitors has become more and more obvious. It has made up for many deficiencies of China's forest aviation fire protection manned aircraft at present, and it has carried out different mission loads in forest patrols and satellite hot spot reconnaissance. Fire monitoring and other aspects of the monitoring function. Compared with traditional firefighting methods, firefighting drones have the following advantages:
(A) flexible and flexible. Small drones typically weigh less than 100 kilograms and can be manipulated with flying controls. Due to the fact that it is not subject to traffic restrictions, it can supplement fire extinguishing munitions and deliver relief supplies in a timely manner to provide reliable information for the command. In addition, drone-equipped equipment can be adjusted according to requirements, such as the implementation of a particular task, targeted to carry the required equipment. When multiple tasks are performed, the onboard devices are integrated and the tasks can be measured simultaneously with the UAV environment monitor.

(b) Comprehensive vision. The UAV takes a global picture of the target at high altitude and can “see” the ground conditions. At the same time, it can achieve over-the-horizon control through broadband and data link technologies. It can be different from different angles and at different distances according to site requirements. Work under light conditions to transmit fire information more accurately.

UAV environment monitor

(c) Low cost. The UAV itself is cheaper to manufacture and produce. At the same time, the process of lifting people up the mountain, etc., direct operation to reduce the time cost.
(d) The operation is simple. Drone operation is simple, only 1-2 people can complete this kind of operation task. With the introduction of relevant regulations, the pilots who control drones should obtain the "drug driver's license" that is recognized by the law. At the same time, in the course of carrying out their tasks, they should not take chances and should be taken seriously.
(five) safe and reliable. The operator remotely or programmatically performs tasks, effectively avoids shortcomings in the traditional detection operations, ensures the operator's own safety, increases the safety factor, and reduces the frequency of secondary accidents.
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