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UAV environment monitor

UAV environment monitor is an unmanned aircraft as an air platform to airborne remote sensing equipment (thermal infrared imaging, hyperspectral imaging) and air pollutant composite sensor to achieve air pollutants, water monitoring, can assist the environmental protection department Environmental law enforcement and retroactive sources.

Product Application and Significance:

(1) the application of environmental monitoring

Traditional environmental monitoring usually uses point monitoring to estimate the environmental quality of the whole area, with some limitations and one-sidedness. UAV remote sensing system has a wide field of vision, timely and continuous characteristics, can quickly identify the status quo of the environment.

(2) the application of environmental emergency

Unmanned aerial vehicle remote sensing system in the environmental emergency emergencies, can overcome the adverse traffic, dangerous situation and other unfavorable factors, quickly arrived in the airspace of pollution accidents, three-dimensional view of the accident scene, the discharge of pollutants and the surrounding environment sensitive distribution.

UAV environment monitor

(3) the application of ecological protection

Environmental protection departments can use UAV remote sensing system at the same time each year to obtain special protection areas need remote sensing images, through the annual image analysis and comparison, you can clearly understand the region of the plant ecological environment dynamic evolution.

(4) the role of environmental monitoring

It can also observe the distribution of pollution sources from the macroscopic level and provide decision-making for environmental monitoring. Through the remote sensing monitoring of the sewage outfall, it can also track the sudden environmental pollution incident in real time, capture the illegal pollution sources and provide timely and efficient service for the supervision and enforcement work.

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