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The uav industry chain gradually improves the outstanding enterprises.

Drones belong to high-tech products and have more complex industrial chains.According to the upstream and downstream, it can be divided into product r&d and manufacturing test, flight control system, power system, peripheral equipment r&d and manufacturing, complete machine assembly, product sales and product service.

With the development of technology, the industrial chain of military and civilian Chinese uav has been gradually improved, accompanied by a number of excellent and truly technological enterprises.In addition to the clients, the main participants of the Chinese uav industry chain can be divided into two categories: one is the manufacturer of the whole machine, and the other is the enterprise.One category is the upstream supplier of Chinese uav hardware and software (chip, flight control, battery, GPS, gyroscope, power system, electronic components, etc.), representing a large number of enterprises.

chinese uav.jpg

Uav industry chain.

Industry status quo

As the collector of big data, Chinese uav can penetrate into various fields of people's life.At present, China's unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) can work as a flying platform not only meet the demand of work, with its air operation ability, can easily further involvement in plant protection, electric power inspection, disaster relief and aerial, etc;The Chinese uav is also used for excellent data acquisition capability, so it can be used as the Internet connection port.

With gradually perfect artificial intelligence technology, intelligent hardware has begun to direction of miniaturization, low cost, low power consumption, lower hardware cost, for the development of China's unmanned aircraft manufacturing industry to create a good environment, promote the steady growth of China's unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) industry.

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