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The optical pod is a multi-rotor uav

The optical pod is a multi-rotor uav
With the development of aviation technology, the technology of airborne pods has also made great progress. A set of advanced airborne electronic pods should have the autonomous operation of the system, with automatic signal reception, processing and transmission functions; Advanced signal processing technology, with the ability to reprogram; It can not only suppress noise interference, but also deceive interference. The system is also modular and easy to replace. Optical pod, usually equipped with a forward-looking infrared camera, television camera, laser pointer/rangefinder and other photoelectric sensors. According to the functions of the main current airborne navigation pods and optical pod two types.
The new platform of optical pod is a multi-rotor uav

optical pod
Hebei xiang billiton technology co., LTD. Relevant controller introduces, this extraordinary "Hui Yun X" tethered unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) is mainly used for industrial applications, by placing on the ground or the car (ship) carrying platform of generator through a cable to provide power, 24 hours to 72 hours of uninterrupted round-the-clock aloft work. Flexible carrying a variety of communication and optoelectronic devices to perform different tasks, is widely used in emergency communications, base security, border surveillance, news, cleaning up disaster, war and warships stadia extensions such as military and civilian applications.

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