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The drone strikes back with a gun

The drone strikes back with a gun

At about 10am yesterday, a Chinese uav with unknown origin broke into the site of the nantong haohe international dragon boat invitational competition with the intention of taking pictures of the competition and affecting the normal operation of the competition. Nantong patrol police, the civilian police responsible for the security of the site, immediately used the uav anti-system gun aimed at the uav, the implementation of electromagnetic interference. With less than 10 seconds of precision firing, the drone was forced to return and fly away. Two unapproved drones were dropped at the dragon boat race.

chinese uav

Large places crowded, the zhuhai public security is equipped with a new "eagle eye" unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) counter gun, which can effectively suppress drones in the need to control the airspace remote signal, forcing unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) landing or return directly.

The police warned the public to use drones in accordance with the law.

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