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The application of uav in forest fire prevention.

Drone monitor system Has

Unmanned aerial vehicle Drone monitor system Hashas a motor fast, use technical characteristics such as low cost, simple maintenance operation, capable of quick to have a real time monitoring, is a new type of low real time television imaging and infrared imaging fast acquisition system.It has its unique advantages in resource environment monitoring, forest fire monitoring and rescue command, etc.

drone monitor system

The "forest fire protection uav solution" provided by shijiazhuang xiang is providing high-quality and stable forest fire protection uav system with international quality at home price.The system is based on forest fire monitoring, and integrates the technology of uav technology, GPS technology and high definition digital image transmission technology into the high-tech products in forest resource management.The use of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) system has been verified by reliability and stability test, and has been applied in several forestry departments.

Forest fire prevention unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) using various mission equipment acquisition in new plant data, the use of independent research and development of data processing software to image data processing forest, forest resource information, fire location, fire intensity and fire information such as the surrounding conditions, this scheme can provide data basis for forest patrol and protect personnel, understanding of forest information, found that the anomalies and hidden dangers, and potential threat to the forest.The forest area data collected by the scheme can also be used to support forest resource management.

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