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Super drone pods can "count ants" at a height of 1000 meters.

In recent years, uav technology has developed rapidly in terms of volume, endurance, control, flight control algorithm, machine vision, cloud platform technology and software development ability.The technological innovation and the realization of technology have greatly expanded the use of uav in the industry.At present, the uav is widely used in the field of inspection, security and search and rescue due to the realization of high efficiency operation feedback on multi-platform mount.

At the zhuhai air show, there is a uav regional situational awareness system.Uav photoelectric pod in the system can draw a big target surface billion level pixel sensor into the existing uav task system, the large amount of information, the unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) industry source complex, etc., the image information collected in the effective identification, handling, analysis, classification.

Uav photoelectric pod

Based on the electronic servo frame system, 100 million pixel large target surface sensor and infrared thermal imager;The back-end system is composed of deep learning and machine vision system.Compared to the original civil unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) level of around 20 million pixels take photos or simple imaging technology, can guarantee the high precision and high reliability of Uav photoelectric pod and torque stiffness, but also integrates the high-definition images and video of the camera image processing algorithm development, hot spot analysis, situational awareness, in short, 5 cm on the ground in a km height reach the target resolution, which means you can without any pressure station in the tower top read local tyrants of the license plate number (828 - meter - high).

In addition, the system can make optimized search algorithm and search path for the regional situation environment of reconnaissance monitoring in flight.The system can extract the effective information of the whole region, and then superimpose the identification result and the GIS information, so as to have the ability to solve the target location and the target location.

The system can be used in any large fixed wing uavs, uav helicopter, the rotor, navigation on the plane, the collocation of all kinds of photoelectric payload, the searchlight payload module such as gas analysis is applied to public safety and emergency, the wisdom city need high resolution or based on high resolution pixels as running after the whole area target identification, situational awareness and hot spot analysis system software.

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