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Smart unmanned aerial vehicles agriculture

Smart unmanned aerial vehicles agriculture scheme

The status quo of farmland disaster damage assessment and claims: Former China's long-term use of traditional manual means of surveying farmland disasters has had low efficiency and high cost, which has led to the entire agricultural production underwriting until the claims process is inaccurate and unprofessional. In the case of major disasters, insurance companies all claim compensation, and affected areas are visually constrained, have no accurate and reliable data, and are unable to provide accurate, fair and timely plans for damage compensation claims. The investigation costs are high; Judging from the situation of using unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) technology for agricultural insurance claims, although it still faces some technical problems, it has also achieved initial results. The government and the insured affirmed the final results of using drone aerial imagery as a basis for claims.

 unmanned aerial vehicles agriculture
As a fast-response low-altitude aerial acquisition platform, drones can arrive at the scene and fly in a short time.

Using drones equipped with high-definition cameras or other types of image acquisition equipment to assess agricultural disasters along the route, the aircraft sends image signals through the real-time image transmission system to the nearest image receiving device installed on the video tower of agricultural disaster monitoring. Data transmission lines are transmitted to the monitoring center room and displayed on the large screen of the central dispatcher.

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