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Next year, agricultural drones will be replaced with human-machine spraying.

This spring, in the recently held "2018 international BBS" civil unmanned aircraft development, deputy director general of civil aviation administration of the dart department Zhu Tao disclosed that next year the agricultural uavs to nationwide promotion, fully replace man-machine spraying pesticide, therefore the civil aviation administration departments are promptly implement civil uav authorized and operation regulation, etc.

If the policy is implemented, it will undoubtedly push the new round of unmanned aerial vehicles agriculture strikes.Agricultural unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) because of its particularity, practitioners part repeatedly called for regulation to discriminate, and even some using unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) for agricultural operation enterprise tear themselves "drones" label, only agricultural machinery company, trying to avoid regulatory black hole (pretending).It can be seen that the applicable regulatory policy has become a hindrance to the development of the industry, and also become a "heart disease" for practitioners.In fact, both the market and the government have been pushing forward on the regulation of agricultural uav regulation. We began to talk about it in 2015. After all, this year is recognized as the first year of uav.

unmanned aerial vehicles agriculture

On September 18, 2017, the ministry of agriculture, ministry of finance, civil aviation administration of China jointly issued "the implementation of agricultural machinery purchase subsidy guide eppo unmanned aircraft specification of the pilot application notice, guide the agricultural technology development and application specification, promote the reform of China's agricultural supply side, choose zhejiang, anhui, jiangxi, hunan, guangdong, chongqing, a total of six provinces (municipalities) as agricultural subsidies pilot drones.The ministry of agriculture also attaches great importance to and support the plant protection professional service organizations, support agricultural unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) to set up a joint enterprise with pesticide enterprises fly services company, actively promoting the entire contract, demonstration stage contracting, generation generation prevention service mode, such as propulsion plant diseases and insect pests TongFang rule, efforts to improve the control effect.Earlier this year, the ministry of agriculture has established the planting industry priorities for 2018, strength to promote efficient YaoXie reduction, support new operators and plant protection professional service organizations to buy eppo uavs, self-contained lance efficient YaoXie sprayer, etc.With all these positive policies, uavs are expected to see a new round of big bang in the field of plant protection.Even capital markets are keenly aware of business opportunities.It is reported that the company has received billions of yuan in financing, which will also inject a strong injection into the market.

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