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Liang Ping: The first use of drones to help remote sensing of crops

On June 11th, in the field of Chaoyang Village, Mingda Town, Liangping District, Chongqing, China, the appearance of a Chineseuav attracted the attention of the villagers. I saw this drone taking off steadily under the control of the operator and flying back and forth along the scheduled route. It turned out that this was the first time that the national training team of Liangping District had used drones to carry out crop remote sensing measurements.

Remote sensing of UAV crops is another new survey method adopted by the statistical investigation department following the electronic accounting of urban and rural income surveys. The UAV automatically captures high-resolution aerial imagery of the plots through satellite positioning and guidance. The staff then uses specialized software for image stitching, plot delineation, interpretation of feature information, and a series of post-processing to obtain crops within a specific range. Area, planting structure, crop yields, planting changes, etc.

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“Previously, the surveying work was mainly conducted by investigators using a PDA (Handheld Data Terminal) to conduct field acquisition of all the ground information of a survey sample. This survey method required 2-3 people to spend two or three hours all the way through the sample. The plots were collected.” Wang Yi, head of the discipline inspection team of Liangping District, said that with the remote sensing of crops using drones, a high-resolution picture of the survey sample can be collected in about 20 minutes, which not only saves manpower. The data collected is also more accurate. The use of drones will play a great role in the statistical investigation of crops in Liangping District.

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