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Industrial-grade drones will be showcased in the 8th China International Unmanned Aerial Vehicle System Industry Expo

Drones are called "air robots". The world's new round of scientific and technological revolutions and hot spots of the industrial revolution represent the future development direction of the general aviation industry and will become the new engine of China's economic growth. The UAV industry is developing rapidly compared to consumer drones.
Industrial drone

With a higher threshold of application technology and increasingly strong market demands, it has been widely used in many fields such as traffic management, pesticide spraying, video and aerial photography, surveying and mapping, firefighting and rescue, power line inspection, police detection, oil and gas monitoring, and commercial performance. It plays an important role in production and life. Industry insiders believe that industrial drones will be the next "Blue Ocean."

Industrial drone

The "barometer" of the development of China's unmanned aerial vehicle industry is UAS EXPO CHINA. The 8th Beijing International UAV System Industry Expo will be re-launched on June 7-9 at Beijing Yichuang International Convention and Exhibition Center. Combines high-grade, large-scale, and authoritative comprehensive professional activities integrating academic exchange, exhibition display, business negotiation, flight performance, and simulation experience. The site will bring together the latest technological achievements from the field of global drones, and will display the world's most advanced drone aircraft models and technologies and products related to the drone industry chain. The entire exhibition will set up military drones and industrial grades. The three exhibition areas of drone exhibition and consumer-level unmanned aerial vehicle exhibition can not only provide industry exchanges and business cooperation platforms for professional visitors, but ordinary viewers can also learn about the development course of the drone industry. The event will attract Yiwat, Shenzhen Yidian, Long Wing Aviation, AVIC Zhizheng, Zhengtang Technology, Puzhou Aircraft, Shenzhen Zhihang, 7D Aerial Survey, Zhong Shan Yuan, Wuxi Hanhe, Chengdu Latitude, Zero Intelligence Control, Digital Eagle A large number of well-known and well-known enterprises such as Gersson's batteries, whirlwind, Limba, Jiangsu First Controls, Keweitai, Smart Bird, Poleflight and other well-known enterprises were present.
As a drone company, Xiangtu actively responds to the call of the country, adheres to the core values of "integrity, innovation, pragmatism, and development", adheres to the customer-oriented service concept, and is committed to providing aviation applications, emergency command, and aviation reconnaissance to our customers. , agricultural protection, electrical inspection, electrical inspection, geological exploration and other fields provide high-quality products and technical services.
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