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Electro-Optical Pod for sale

Hebei Zingto Avigation Technology Co.,Ltd.has high quality Electro-Optical Pod for sale.With many years of production experience, our products are trustworthy.

Electro-Optical Pod for sale

Our Electro-Optical Pod combines perfectly with 18X optical zoom cameras and infrared cameras to switch between white and infrared at random. This greatly increases the work efficiency, but also can provide efficient and convenient air dual optical imaging solutions to meet the needs of the police, fire, electricity, petrochemical and other industries, can also be used in agriculture and forestry and emergency rescue.

Our Electro-Optical Pod can easy to capture details in the distance with clear vision. It can perform reconnaissance, surveillance and tracking tasks.If you are interested in our UAV pod, please contact us. We always look forward to working with you!

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