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Drones can be mapped

Drones can be mapped
Traditional urban planning requires human labor to measure one by one, but with UAV survey, you can do more with less. Utilizing UAV technology to map terrain maps has a significant effect. On the same day, the crew of the surveying and mapping team was using UAV survey to map topographic maps for the Johnson Controls project. At the scene, the UAV was controlled by the ground station control system. The staff used this UAV survey to plan UAV routes and photographing frequencies in advance.
UAV survey
At the same time, the system can also display real-time information such as flying height, ground speed, and flight time of UAVs. The engineer of the City Planning Bureau's surveying and mapping team introduced that the self-control project covers an area that is large. Using drones to map terrain maps can greatly improve the work efficiency of surveying and mapping personnel and reduce the work intensity.

“Traditional surveying and mapping methods require the gradual realization of manpower. Using ground-based GPS and total stations to measure feature points one by one for different characteristics of the ground, UAV surveys can now be used to efficiently complete surveying and mapping tasks. For example, the same It is the survey of the 9 square kilometer range that originally required 6 people and 15 working days to finish the surveying and mapping tasks, but with UAV survey, it only takes one day to complete the outdoor operations.”
Utilizing drone technology for urban planning means that planning and mapping work has reached an advanced level.

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