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Drone monitor system

Drone monitor system
From UAV to unmanned vehicle, from unmanned submarine to Underwater Unmanned submarine, from industrial robot system to space station robot, from unmanned smart home to unmanned intelligent city traffic management platform, unmanned system, which has been limited to laboratory exploration and research, has gradually entered a large field of vision and is now rapidly entering the front line. At the application level, its development has gradually entered the era of blowout, bringing about a "subversive" change in public service and personal life.

The structural reform of transportation supply side is the main line of transportation in the new era. The use of "Internet plus", networking, cloud computing, big data and other new generation of information technology, foster the development of new technology, new mode of transportation, new formats, new energy development, integration to promote the development of industry and transportation, has become an important measure to deepen the structural reform of the transportation supply side. Li Xiaopeng, Minister of transport and communications at the national transport working conference, mentioned the 9 time of automatic driving or driverless driving. In the recent half year of the transportation industry, a number of support policies, guidance and standard documents have been introduced, which highlights the determination of the industry to embrace the new kinetic energy and realize the integration and development.
In April 24th, the lecture on "unmanned system and future transportation" was held in the lecture hall of the Ministry of transport management cadre college. Unmanned systems, artificial intelligence, clean energy, intelligent transportation, and a series of cutting-edge technologies that affect the future direction of transportation development have become the core topics of this seminar. The experts and scholars and innovative teams, led by Fan Bangkui, the academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, showed the transportation industry how to promote the transformation and upgrading of transportation and transportation, and promote the transformation of transportation from large to strong.
Fan Bangkui, the academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, published the theme report on the development of UAV and its safety management, expounded the latest developments in the UAV field, and shared how the progress of UAV technology will lead and lead the future of traffic.
Fan Bangkui said that the development of UAV is closely related to the emerging information technology industry. The development of new information technology industry, such as artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing and Internet of things, is deeply affecting the transformation of UAV technology. In particular, AI will disrupt the application of UAVs, and it will play a leading role in the development of UAVs. "At present, relying on low altitude airspace and facing civilian fields, vigorously developing civilian UAVs has become the trend of the times."
Fan Bangkui proposed that we should use our information infrastructure to solve the problem of UAV management. The mobile infrastructure, radio and television infrastructure, satellite infrastructure, and Internet infrastructure can all provide the basic telemetry and control communication network for unmanned aerial vehicles, and eventually form an unmanned network monitoring and flight management system covering the country. He also pointed out that the future of the navigation industry lies in the development of UAV. It is necessary to reform the current mode of low altitude management, open the low altitude airspace of UAV and create conditions for UAV flight.
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