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Cold Knowledge of UAVs Contained in the Movie Sky Hunter

As a professional unmanned aerial vehicles China manufacturer, it is very concerned about the interspersed with a variety of UAV bridge section. There are a lot of "insiders" who understand the cold knowledge.

First, the pilot operated the drone

Opening speech Xiubo Wu wave played an old pilot about to bid farewell to the blue sky delivered an exciting speech, but he is not too regrettable. On the one hand young pilots are excellent, on the other hand he can turn to fly drones, this is not a real goodbye. In the final orgasm of the movie, the old pilot also manipulated the drone to participate fully in the operation. UAV hovering over the battlefield provides very effective intelligence. The UAV also transmitted the real-time images of the battlefield to the large screen of the headquarters to provide a basis for the commander's decision-making.We also see the powerful drone monitor system.

drone monitor system

This story is actually completely restored to reality. It is reported that a large number of old pilots who stopped because of their bodies, age, etc., went to fly UAVs. There is no shortage of "golden helmets." It is understood that both the United States and Germany have tried to recruit drone pilots from "computer game masters," but the ensuing massive crashes ... letting veteran pilot pilots exhausted should be said to be a very successful practice.

Second, the toy aircraft VS flying specimens

In the more relaxed part of the movie, a big-brother who loves to play remote-controlled aircraft in the hangar. The small plane he operated had a mess of diamonds everywhere scaring people.Chen Li played the protagonist is not weak, pulled out a dead mouse when the fuselage of the drone turn the brother scared.

The first small plane appears to be a common four-rotor remote control plane on Taobao. This small toy aircraft is very flexible, if the "professional driver" to fly can really mess around everywhere. And Li Chen's flying dead mouse is also a prototype: a Dutch man did make the bodies of various animals drone, is his way to mourn the death of pets.

Third, surveillance plane posted on the wall

The most sci-fi in Sky Hunter comes as the small reconnaissance drone: at a critical moment on the wall, disguised as a warning sign. There are really foreign teams working on techniques to get drones on the walls. Now LED display technology can really put propellers, fans and other thin things into a sign. But deceived the eyes still almost mean.

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