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Chinese uav completed the first time delivery service

Chinese uav completed the first time delivery service
On June 20th, with drone (chinese uav) carrying fresh produce from Shaanxi Pucheng to Shaanxi Danfeng Airport, China's first accessible short-haul cargoes entered a key link for verification in Shaanxi. Subsequently, the goods quickly went to the drone container. Afterwards, it will fly to the surrounding terminal site and complete the “last mile” distribution work.

chinese uav
It is common for foreign developed countries to use specialized aircraft to carry out cargo transportation. However, China’s general aviation has not yet launched a special cargo transportation business. This activity has focused on verifying the new mode of coordinated human transportation and drone cooperation for future transportation. The medium and large drone logistics logistics lay the foundation.
Deputy Director-General Yu Wenliang of Civil Aviation Northwest Administration stated that this event is to improve the innovation and transformation of general aviation service system and air transport industry. He hopes to explore a correspondingly accessible manned aircraft and Chinese uav to ensure the safe operation of aviation logistics distribution. The new model, the new direction of the general aviation business and the new model for the operation of the general aviation airport have explored new directions for the development of domestic general aviation industry.

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