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China's development of a small ducted fan drone

China's development of a small ducted fan drone
At the 19th China International Model Exposition held in Beijing, many viewers were attracted by a drone that resembles a “mini rice cooker”. This is the first domestic civilian miniature ducted drone.

“Covered” refers to the airflow duct, which has the function of reducing aerodynamic losses and stabilizing the output of the airflow. Compared with the current micro-mini four-axis, six-axis multi-rotor UAV that dominates the market of drones The fan is the structural main body and power system. Similar to the flight principle of the launch vehicle, the attitude and stability control of the drone is achieved through the guide plates and rudder surfaces inside and at the end of the duct. The power efficiency is 30% higher than that of the conventional drone. At the same time, the rotor of this product is hidden inside the duct, which can effectively avoid the rotor blade cut accident.The appearance of the rotor is wrapped with soft and elastic foam material, which further improves the anti-collision and anti-fall performance.

UAV surver.jpg

This drone can be used in search and rescue, UAV survey, drone monitor, research and teaching, entertainment and other fields. According to the needs of users, we can customize the UAV products with a personalized appearance.

In the next step, the team will continue to optimize the structure of UAVs, improve flight performance, improve the upgrade platform, and further strengthen the autonomous visual processing capabilities of drones, and strive to achieve marketization promotion as soon as possible.

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