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Airborne electro-optical pod

Airborne electro-optical pod
With the development of aviation technology, airborne pod technology has also made great progress. A set of advanced airborne electro-optical pods should be capable of autonomous system operation, automatic reception, processing, and transmission of signals; advanced signal processing techniques, and the ability to reprogram procedures; noise suppression and interference can be implemented. Deceptive interference; the system also adopts a modular design and is easy to replace. Optoelectronic pods, usually equipped with forward-looking infrared cameras, television cameras and laser pointers/distance meters and other photoelectric sensors. According to the current use of the main organic navigation pods and optoelectronic pods.

airborne electro-optical pod

The mooring drone airborne electro-optical pod is an emerging method. The mooring drone is used as an optoelectronic platform and has the characteristics of rapid deployment, light and flexible, and low requirements for landing and landing environments. It can achieve speeds within tens of kilometers. Reliable, inexpensive mobile processing.
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