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Agriculture plant protec technology promotion training class

Agriculture plant protect technology promotion training class
In order to speed up the development of modern agricultural plant protection technology, we will further increase the promotion and application of new environmental protection and high efficiency agricultural mechanization technology. From June 13th to 14th, Guangzhou's agricultural mechanization technology promotion station held a "Guangzhou agriculture plant protect technology promotion training class" in Conghua District, 160 agricultural industry extension department leaders and extension workers, professional cooperative representatives, and local agricultural associations. Many people attended this training course.

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Function agriculture uav Fully autonomous and accurate flight based on routes planned in advance, without human intervention, and the flying hands can be controlled at a long distance, avoiding spray errors and flight risks caused by human factors. The atomizing effect of the high-speed fan-shaped sprayer resulted in even spraying of the foliage and the stem of the rice. The entire work area was free of double-spray and no-leakage, and a satisfactory plant protection effect was achieved.

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