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Agricultural unmanned aerial vehicle plant protection

Agricultural unmanned aerial vehicle plant protection

In the summer, the mountain suzao ridge in the eastern mountain area of Huixian is green, but a careful look is that the mountains are mostly small shrubs such as thorns, sour jujube trees and other shrubs. It is rare to find a tree and find a tree shade is also a difficult thing. Dry and rainy, thin and rocky, high mountain and steep roads, this barren barren hill, afforestation is difficult and high cost, which is suitable for aerial seediagricultureplantprotectng.

UAV is not a new word. It has been widely used in aerial photography, agricultureplantprotect, forestry, plant protection, rescue and other fields, and is rarely used for aerial seeding. "UAV is suitable for small scattered forestation sites in our province." It is explained that after more than 30 years of aerial seeding and afforestation, there are fewer and fewer forests in our mountainous areas.

Compared with helicopters, UAVs are more mobile and flexible, with flying heights below 100 meters. They can pre design flight paths and operate manually. Moreover, UAVs do not need fixed airports and runways, so long as they are flat, they can take off and take off. It's very convenient for UAVs to sit in a car and where to run.

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