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AV environment monitor - Air quality

UAV environment monitor - Air quality

The air pollution problem has plagued many cities in the Mainland. The Guangxi Environmental Monitoring Center station cooperated with unmanned aerial vehicle companies to create the UAV environment monitor. After many experiments, the system was formally applied to the frontline monitoring platform.

UAV environment monitor

The UAV environment monitor system uses a four-axis UAV as the main body and is equipped with a gas detector that can detect 23 gases such as carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, and flammable gas. The system also has artificial intelligence (AI) technology that can automatically detect pollution points and improve monitoring efficiency and accuracy. The map transmission distance is up to 20 kilometers and the data can be displayed on the ground station in real time. The Guangxi Provincial Environmental Monitoring Center Station said that the system's powerful performance will allow them to become even more powerful and more confident in completing dangerous tasks.
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