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Uav photoelectric pod,INYYO 3 Pod

Uav photoelectric pod,INYYO 3 Pod
Uav photoelectric pod,INYYO 3 Pod
Uav photoelectric pod,INYYO 3 Pod
Uav photoelectric pod,INYYO 3 Pod
Uav photoelectric pod,INYYO 3 Pod
Uav photoelectric pod,INYYO 3 Pod
Uav photoelectric pod,INYYO 3 Pod
Uav photoelectric pod,INYYO 3 Pod
Aviation Aluminum Alloy; Weight 600 g Slim and clever;
18X optical zoom lens; Three axis image stabilization; Power-and-go

Durable, Dental laboratories, Keep improving
INYYO Pro 3 Electro-optical pod adopts aviation aluminum alloy and high precision strength nylon ,it has good vibration absorbing, high strength and corrosion resistant ability, it can adapt to bad field working conditions. Photoelectric pod is small and light with well-presented, under the condition of invariable in the aircraft, it can provide users with a longer battery life.

STABILITY Stable smooth/three-axis stabilized
INYYO3 Pro electro-optical pod adopts advanced three-axis stabilization , it can let the camera keep stability in the movement. cradle head works closely with aircraft, and the motor operation is controlled by high-speed processor, and it makes compensation to every subtle movement. It keeps the camera with steady shooting angle, even at high speed and intense shaking, the camera can also take the clear pictures.
18 X optical zoom, Follow the details now
INYYO 3 Pro electro-optical pod carries 18X optical zoom capability cameras, it can easy to capture details in the distance with clear vision. It can perform reconnaissance, surveillance and tracking tasks.
Telephoto lens not only can enlarge the image, but also can magnify shaking, INYYO3 Pro is equipped with the advanced stability system, and it can makes real-time compensation with camera shaking , the stable photoing also can be provided at part of telephoto.

Overall performance
Material: aviation aluminum alloy, nylon
Product size: 156 mm(length) × 156 mm(width)× 145 mm (high)
Weight: 600 g
Number of image stabilization axis: three
Working temperature: - 5℃~ 45℃
Input voltage: 4 s ~ 6 s (14.8V ~ 22.2 V)
Control accuracy: 0.03°
Range of control angle: -40°-40°(roll angle), -120°-30° (pitch); -170°-170° (direction angle)
The control precision: 0.03°
Control signal: PWM, SBus, serial communication
Output interface: AV analog output, miro-HDMI output
The storage type: TF card (maximum support 32G); recommends using a class10 high speed card
Performance of white light camera
Lens: 18X optical zoom lens
Sensors: CMOS SENSOR with 1/4 inch 3 million pixels
Video output resolution: 720 p / 60 frames
Video storage resolution: 1080 p
Focus time: < 2 s
Automatic white balance: support
Automatic gain: support
Automatic color correction: support
Wide dynamic: support (dynamic range can reach 105 dB)

Performance of infrared camera (optional)
Pixel: 640×480
Pixel spacing: 17μm
Focal length of the lens: 19mm
View Angle: 32.0 °×24.2 °
Type: non-refrigerated focal plane microbolometer
Wavelength range: 8 ~ 14 mu m
Thermal sensitivity (NETD): ≤65mk@30℃
Non - homogeneous correction: NBT electron thermal image correction patent technology
Image denoising: digital filtering
Image enhancement: TIE digital image detail enhancement patent technology
Electron zoom: 2, 4, 8, 16 times magnification
Polarity inversion: support
Image display: Analog video output, HDMI
The extended temperature measurement function: center point; Maximum and lowest temperature display temperature function; Overtemperature alarm;

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