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Yun Yao 850 Drone (UAV)

Yun Yao 850 Drone (UAV)
Yun Yao 850 Drone (UAV)
Yun Yao 850 Drone (UAV)
Yun Yao 850 Drone (UAV)
Yun Yao 850 Drone (UAV)
Yun Yao 850 Drone (UAV)
Yun Yao 850 Drone (UAV)
Yun Yao 850 Drone (UAV)
It has unique high strength“BOX”; the fuselage body; Protective box type; Strong power system; the simple operation ; Intelligent planning operation system; Intelligent spraying system.
"Yun Yao 850 Drone (UAV)” adopts original high strength “BOX” body design, it seemingly simple but there is a huge energy, dust-proof, water-proof, anti-corrosion, after finishing work it can be directly flushed, the late maintenance is simpler.
It adopts new developed medicine box, all kinds of circuits are arranged through the exclusive channel.It not only can prevent accidental scratches and minimize contact of liquids,but also make “Yun Yao 850 Drone (UAV)” more neat and beautiful.
“Yun Yao 850 Drone (UAV)” supports intelligent planning routes, route planning and flexible, it has convenient operation control.
Linkage design flow control and speed automatic spraying parameters matching, support break point continue to spray.
“Yun Yao 850 Drone (UAV)” adopts safety redundancy design with double IMU, in the process of flight once a component fails, the machine will be executed immediately. In addition, the high gain GPS antenna combined with the large metal shielding layer can effectively reduce the multi-path effect, and also can improve the positioning accuracy and ensure the flight safety.
"Yun Yao 850 Drone (UAV)” abandoned the flashy design and return to the practical nature of the machine, it adopts the overall modular design, makes maintenance easier, and really realize working out of the box, operation is more convenient.
"Yun Yao 850 Drone (UAV)" Technical Parameters
Weight: 7 kg Standard operating load: 5 kg
Standard take-off weight: 12 kg Nozzle number: 2
The overall dimensions: 675 X 675 X 370mm Sprinkler: 0.379 L/min
Symmetric motor wheel base: 850 mm Pump flow: 0.591 L/min
Single arm length: 298 mm Hover time: 18 min (7 kg); 10 min (12 kg)
Shaft number: 4 mm Maximum operating speed: 8 m/s
Battery capacity: 6000 mAh Maximum flight speed: 12 m/s
Battery installation: 199 X108 X 62mm
Recommended working environment temperature: 0 oC - 40 oC
Cabinet volume: 5 L Maximum flying altitude 2000 m
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