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Blackbat Drone (UAV)

Blackbat Drone (UAV)
Blackbat Drone (UAV)
Blackbat Drone (UAV)
Blackbat Drone (UAV)
Blackbat Drone (UAV)
Blackbat Drone (UAV)
Blackbat Drone (UAV)
Blackbat Drone (UAV)
Blackbat Drone (UAV)
Blackbat Drone (UAV)
Blackbat Drone (UAV)
Blackbat Drone (UAV)
Card buckle design; fast disassembling; Industrial-grade communications equipment with long distance; eight frequency RTK; 24.3 million pixel format cameras.

High-definition cameras with SONY RX1R full-frame camera
Blackbat Drone (UAV) carry SONY RX1R full-frame camera with 24.3 million pixel resolution, through Kealyn flight control automatic control the high quality image data can be obtained. Through professional camera calibration; Data can be made seamless link with the post-processing software. Blackbat Drone (UAV) can also pick up other camera model according to customer need.
Remote communication
Long-distance communication/import industrial data transmission radio station.
Blackbat Drone (UAV) carries imported industrial data transmission radio, the ground side is the wireless data transmission “PRAJNA”, it can guarantee an unprecedented super-long communication distance, communication distance can reach 10 km.
"PRAJNA” makes wireless connections with ground station through WIFI signal, it perfect solved the overhead problem of the earth station antenna, and ensure the stable and reliable communication between UAV and the ground station.

Precise coordinates record Eight frequency RTK
Blackbat Drone (UAV) carries eight frequency RTK. Airborne-RTK, GPS module automatically boot record raw data, including GPS, GLONSS, BDS eight spectrum of pseudorange and carrier phase observation data, ephemeris data, the atmosphere correction data, etc., combined with the ground RTK and GPS the POS data can reach cm level through dedicated post-processing software.
Blackbat Drone (UAV) is suitable for high resolution aerial and aerial work, it can cut more than 80% of the fieldwork as the locus of control, and it greatly improve the efficiency of aerial and data precision.
RTK ground base station
Airborne RTK antenna

Dedicated ground station
Exclusive ground station All graphics interface
XT-GCS ground station system is designed for Blackbat Drone (UAV), it has the graphical interface and can set many intelligent operation modes, interface is simple and easy, operation logic is clear and simple; it can be adapted in many languages and meet the needs of different users.
Blackbat Drone (UAV) is stable and reliable and has excellent performance, it has performed many tasks successfully . It has been tested by practice. Blackbat Drone (UAV) can be widely used in topographic mapping, coast, buildings, terrain, pipeline patrol, forestry survey of surveying and mapping, water conservancy, agricultural remote sensing and emergency investigation, power line selection, the disaster investigation, environmental monitoring, urban and rural planning, land law enforcement, and many other fields.
City 3D modeling; Forest protection monitoring; geological survey; crop monitoring; environmental monitoring; disaster prevention and reduction

The Mission Payload
focal length f = 20mm f=35mm
sensor size The APS format full-frame format
pixels 20.1 million 2430万
RTK No Yes
The Fuselage
Bird-up 1300mm
Wing area 24dm2
Size 1300×720×160mm
Material of carbon fiber Strengthening EPO
Weight 2200g, 2400g
Power lithium polymer batteries, efficient brush-less motors
Drive apparatus XT- Z02 V1.1
Battery life 95 min 80min
Safety protection lost star automatically; To complete the task automatically return; Safety height automatic open umbrella
Take Off & Cruise & Land
Take off form Ejection
The cruising speed 65km/h
Landing form Parachute landing form
Wireless Digital
Communication frequency 900MHz
Communication control > 10 km
The system setup time <10 min
Flight level 100-3000 m
The default flight level 247 m
Overlap rate Course direction70% Slide direction50%
Weather request Level 5 Wind resistance and slight drizzle
5 cm resolution 6 km2 / vehicle
10 cm resolution 10 km2 / vehicle
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